“As a super active person and personal trainer, I don’t trust my body in the hands of just anyone. Heather helped me come back stronger and more physically sound from a near debilitating hip injury. She helped me come up with a successful game plan to not only avoid surgery and eliminate pain, but also gave me the confidence to return to performing at my highest level both in sport and in life!”

— Jakki F, Personal Trainer, Movement Enthusiast

"When I started with Heather I was experiencing over-reliance on my chiropractor due to chronic back issues associated with my commute. This, despite the fact I am a former nationally ranked swimmer from my college days. Suffice it to say, I’d forgotten how to best care for myself, and at middle age, was quickly becoming a former shadow of my physical self. Through the combined efforts of Heather and my trainer, I learned a ton about smart movement and integrated core exercise designed to strengthen my back, really my whole body, for the long term. I am much improved, mostly due to the wisdom and technical expertise attributable to Heather. Her bedside manner is both pleasant, informed and appropriately assertive.

Trust me when I say, she’s the ‘real deal’. You have to get a few sessions with her ; you won’t be sorry you did."

— Chris E, former All-American & Master’s Nationally Ranked Swimmer

“Heather is the best physical therapist I know! As an occupational therapist and former collegiate athlete, I am very picky about who I work with regarding my own physical health. Heather knows her stuff and will tell you what is wrong with you and how to best fix it! She has been helping me rehab my knee, and she is awesome!!!”

— Maya F, Former Collegiate Basketball Player

"Heather is truly one of a kind. Not only does she have extensive knowledge and experience, she treats her patients with compassion. There is a genuine desire to help her patients heal and recover. Tearing my ACL for the third time was hard enough; thankfully I found Heather. She motivates me to be better."

— Kristen K, Former Division 1 Collegiate Soccer Player