There are no secrets to success.


If you move better, you'll feel better, enabling you to lead a more fulfilling life, on your own terms. 

A strong clinician serves as a liaison for their patients, connecting them to the appropriate resources to navigate their rehabilitation. By providing the tools necessary,  a clinician can support their patient as they learn to perform at their highest potential.

We feel that striving for optimal physical performance, not simply functioning without pain, is something each patient deserves. It is our responsibility to help everyone we work with best navigate the ultimate course they have in mind.

Below, please find a selection of organizations, educational programs and books which have shaped our treatment philosophy.


Learn More: Recommended Treatments + Techniques - University of Southern California Physical Therapy Program - New York University Physical Therapy Program - James Madison University Athletic Training Program - SFMA & Functional Movement Systems: systematic approach for movement analysis - Myofascial Decompression - Postural Restoration Institute: studying the science of postural adaptations and treatments - Titleist Performance Institute: leading organization studying the human body & golf swing - Active Release Techniques: patented soft tissue evaluation & treatment technique - Graston Technique: patented tools for soft tissue mobilization - Rocktape: kinesiology taping for pain relief, performance & more


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This month, we're reading The Champion’s Comeback, by Jim Afremow, PhD.

Even among elite athletes, only some have what it takes to bounce back after devastating injuries, conquer tough obstacles and face insurmountable odds. Leading sports psychology consultant Afremow has seen firsthand what separates good athletes from great ones. Making a comeback isn’t just about raw talent or athletic ability- it’s the mental game that counts most.

In The Champion’s Comeback, Dr. Afremow shares the winning strategies used by great “comeback” athletes to help you, no matter your age or skill level, to:

-Get mentally psyched for competition

-Quickly rebound after loss

- Overcome injuries and the fear of re-injury

This book is a must read for any athlete on the road to recovery, and their key support systems: coaches, partners and parents!