“Heather is truly one of a kind. Not only does she have extensive knowledge and experience, she treats her patients with compassion. There is a genuine desire to help her patients heal and recover. Tearing my ACL for the third time was hard enough; thankfully I found Heather. She motivates me to be better.”
— Kristen K, Former Division 1 Collegiate Soccer Player

“I cannot recommend Heather McGill highly enough!! She was an absolute angel during my rehab and recovery process. I suffered from multiple complications from a complete knee repair and Heather was able to guide me through the most difficult of times. As a former professional athlete, I was put completely at ease by Heather’s mastery of her craft and her ability to explain how my body was responding to the various exercises and other stressors. My goal was a 100% return to full strength and competition level and Heather got me there. Besides the technical acumen, Heather was also very much conscientious of the mental space I was in during my rehab and recovery. As athletes, we identify ourselves with the player on the field and when that identity is taken from us, albeit temporary, it can weigh heavy on our athletic soul. Heather saw and understood my mental struggles as much as my physical ones and was able to guide me towards a full and positive recovery, mind, body and soul. Through my college and professional career, I have come across many PT / rehab people, but Heather stands alone as the absolute best I have worked with. I continue to see her long after my injuries have healed. I now consider Heather a permanent fixture in my athletic life and will continue to do so moving forward. A+ across the board.”
— Zach H, Former Professional Lacrosse Player / NCAA National Champion

“Heather is the best physical therapist I know! As an occupational therapist and former collegiate athlete, I am very picky about who I work with regarding my own physical health. Heather knows her stuff and will tell you what is wrong with you and how to best fix it! She has been helping me rehab my knee, and she is awesome!!!”
— Maya F, Former Collegiate Basketball Player

“Trust in the physical therapy world is hard to come by. What I look for is simply results. So, when I came to Heather with a crippling shoulder injury, I asked her plainly if she could fix it. She said she could, and then she did. Over the past year, Heather has treated my shoulder, hamstring, hand, wrist, neck and breathing. Because she consistently gets results for me, I immediately recommend her to all of my clients. All have reported back with rave reviews after just a few appointments. I also want to say that Heather is more than just a fixer. She actually cares about the individual. When a friend of mine slipped a disc on a Sunday and was in severe pain, Heather made a house call, and put things back in order. I find her personality, work ethic and expertise unbelievable. If you’ve been lucky enough to hear about Heather, do yourself a favor and get in front of her.”
— Sean M, www.movestrong.club

When I started with Heather I was experiencing over-reliance on my chiropractor due to chronic back issues associated with my commute. This, despite the fact I am a former nationally ranked swimmer from my college days. Suffice it to say, I’d forgotten how to best care for myself, and at middle age, was quickly becoming a former shadow of my physical self. Through the combined efforts of Heather and my trainer, I learned a ton about smart movement and integrated core exercise designed to strengthen my back, really my whole body, for the long term. I am much improved, mostly due to the wisdom and technical expertise attributable to Heather. Her bedside manner is both pleasant, informed and appropriately assertive.

Trust me when I say, she’s the ‘real deal’. You have to get a few sessions with her ; you won’t be sorry you did.
— Chris E, former All-American & Master’s Nationally Ranked Swimmer

“As a super active person and personal trainer, I don’t trust my body in the hands of just anyone. Heather helped me come back stronger and more physically sound from a near debilitating hip injury. She helped me come up with a successful game plan to not only avoid surgery and eliminate pain, but also gave me the confidence to return to performing at my highest level both in sport and in life!”
— Jakki F, Personal Trainer, Movement Enthusiast

“Being a multi-sport athlete with 3 knee surgeries and a separated AC joint, I have worked with several advanced level physical therapists over the years in order to keep my body functional and to avoid more injury. My work with Heather has given me the biggest gains by far in keeping my entire body strong, balanced, and pain free. With her extensive background and education, Heather takes a truly broad approach and perspective with every client and case. Where most PT’s bandaid the problem, Heather is determined to find the root cause for each issue, in order to get the patient back out of pain as quickly as possible and more importantly, to keep them safe in the future. Heather communicates directly with my coaching staff to keep everyone involved on the same page and to make my program and all workouts efficient in every way. She is a skilled teacher, empowering clients with exercise programs and homework to complete on their on, thus expediting their time in the clinic. As a fitness coach, I also work with Heather for assistance in designing my clients’ programs and keeping all of my team safe, strong and injury free. Athletes and non-athletes alike can greatly benefit from her knowledge and work.”
— - Billy P, CSCS. Owner/Founder of DIAKADI, San Francisco

“I initially saw Heather to see if I could avoid surgery on my knee. Unfortunately structural damage is structural damage and major surgery was required. Having Heather’s help throughout all of that process has been incredible. Her initial diagnosis, hands on approach, level of care and interpersonal skills and recommendations for surgeons and partnerships with them have all been amazing. Her excitement for learning ensures she’s always pushing to get you the most out of your treatment and the best result. I can’t recommend Heather highly enough.”
— Andrew G

“Heather does amazing work! A patient of hers multiple times, I’ve been overly impressed with her knowledge of and approach to therapy and treatment. She’s extremely professional, highly personable, and will set appropriate goals for your therapy sessions to make sure you’re back up on your feet and feeling strong. Can’t recommend her enough!”
— Nick M

“I have been working with Dr. McGill on several injuries I have had over the past three years. The first injury was a right hip labrum tear that, through Dr. McGill’s help, I was able to rehabilitate without surgery. She taught me all the exercises I needed to master to overcome the tear, and I have now incorporated the practice of these exercises into my daily routine. The second injury was a left knee meniscus tear which required surgery. Prior to surgery I worked with Dr. McGill to strengthen the knee, and post-surgery, we have been working diligently to strengthen the knee and rehabilitate it. I cannot say enough good things about the depth of Dr. McGill’s knowledge of the mechanics of the body, and her wonderful working relationship with her patients/clients.”
— Laureen D