San Francisco sports medicine internships

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Continuing education is the anchor of our company. Learn the latest evidence-based practice outside of the classroom by developing a collaborative curriculum with your clinical instructor.  Highlight your interests while continually challenging yourself, and expanding your methods of treatment.

As healthcare evolves, it is essential practitioners master not only patient care but also business management. Gain individualized experience under mentorship with Physical TheraPT.  Through a combination of weekly meetings and observations sessions, interns will receive direct insight on:

  • Patient evaluation including identification and assessment of functional anatomy and biomechanics, and dysfunction neuromuscular patterns

  • Program development focusing on incorporation of appropriate manual therapy and therapeutic exercise sequencing

  • Appropriate return to sport emphasizing re-evaluation, progressive reloading, and hybrid programming

  • Independent and small practice management navigating out-of-network care, business development, and marketing strategies based on niche philosophy



Jan 15- Mar 1

2 positions available

Applications due Dec 7

Summer I

May 30- Jun 31

2 positions available

Applications due May 3

Summer II

Jul 23- Aug 23

2 positions available

Applications due Jul 1

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