Clinical Wisdom: What now?


The question we get most often from prospective patients is “Should I see my doctor?” Let’s break this down!
What is your chief complaint?

If you are in a lot of pain or fear that you could have a fracture or dislocation, urgent care may be the best choice. They’ll be able to decide if prescription muscle relaxers or pain medication is appropriate. They can also take X-rays, and fit you with a cast or crutches if needed!

Does your insurance require a prescription for reimbursement?

Some out-of-network plans require justification for physical therapy, even though you have direct access to PT in California. This can usually be requested over the phone, saving you a trip!

Has your recovery plateaued?

Overall health and nutrition can impact injury recovery. Functional medicine can be beneficial if you’re not meeting projected timelines for bone healing or are still experiencing inflammation.

Is your injury more severe than you initially hoped?

Physical therapists and athletic trainers can assess your biomechanics, and test muscle strength and ligament integrity. They can help you make a decision on if you need to seek care from a specialist, and often recommend the best for your injury.

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